How an SSI Lawyer in Camp Hill Increases Your Chances of Receiving Benefits

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Law

Social Security Disability Insurance is supposed to support people when they are unable to work due to disability. Yet, it’s tough to get onto the rolls because the agency tends to find various reasons to reject applicants. In fact, it’s estimated that about 30 percent of all applicants get approved on their initial attempt to receive benefits. What this means is that many people wind up in a bad situation where they have no income because they can’t work. Instead of taking the risk of being rejected, it’s best to work with an Ssi Lawyer Camp Hill in order to increase the chances that benefits are started sooner than later.

The first thing to remember is that it is rare for someone to get approved on the first try. One of the most common reasons for rejection is due to an improperly completed application. It’s not unusual for an application to have mistakes because people tend to be unfamiliar with it. That means there is a high risk of a mistake being made. Unfortunately, that’s all it takes to have an application thrown out: one mistake. Employees at Social Security are under no obligation to forgive that one mistake, much less approve the request. Retaining an Ssi Lawyer in Camp Hill can greatly reduce the risk of that mistake being made.

A lawyer, such as the ones at Serratelli Schiffman & Brown P.C., has filled out the SSDI application many times for clients, and is familiar with what it asks for. Beyond that, a lawyer goes through the client’s medical documents and makes sure that everything is in order. If need be, the lawyer sends the client to a specialist to further confirm the diagnosis. Finally, everything is put together in the way that the Social Security office approves of. This is how the odds are increased in the client’s favor.

In the event that the application is rejected, the lawyer can appeal it on behalf of the client and go to the hearings. It’s not unusual to have appeals go on for some time, but the lawyer is there to represent the client at each and every meeting. The ultimate goal is to get approval for the client, allowing back benefits to be paid and regular benefits to begin.

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