A Sprinkler System Installation in Broomfield, CO Saves Money and Keeps Grass Green


Homeowners on a street often compete to see who can create the most beautiful lawn. The homeowner must carefully select sod that grows well under local weather conditions. He also has to prepare the soil and then fertilize the grass on a regular basis. However, ensuring that the grass has enough water is often the most time-consuming task. The homeowner either has to stand there with a hose or continually move the sprinkler. In some communities, he is required to do this before 7am in the morning. People who are serious about their lawns often decide that a Sprinkler System Installation Broomfield CO is the best solution.

The easiest time to install a sprinkler is before the lawn and landscape are planted. However, professional landscaping companies have equipment that can create trenches with minimal disruption to existing landscape. A project manager will visit the client at home to see the landscape. All the water from the sprinkler must stay on the homeowner’s property. He is not permitted to let water drain on his neighbor’s property. It’s also important that the Sprinkler System Installation Broomfield CO be located so that water is not deposited within two feet of the house foundation. This could cause pressure to build up in the soil, which could crack the foundation. Visit website for more details.

The project manager will take note of the lawn area and any additional flower beds, bushes, and specimen trees. He’ll also review any plans the homeowner has for adding new flower beds or vegetable gardens. The sprinkler system will be designed and installed in just a few days. They sod will be skillfully patched and will recover very quickly. The homeowner will love the convenience of setting a timer and having the sprinkler turn itself on a 5 am. If the family is going away on an extended summer vacation, it won’t be necessary to hire someone to water the lawn. Sprinkler systems save homeowner’s money because they can easily water the lawn during the night and early morning when there is less evaporation. Homeowners who would like to learn more about installing a sprinkler system can visit Wardslawn.com for more information.