Special Considerations for Commercial Construction in Tulsa OK

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Commercial construction in Tulsa OK has a number of different considerations depending on the type of work that needs to be completed. Commercial buildings that are undergoing construction or renovation have their own particular set of dangers and areas to pay close attention to.

Commercial construction in Tulsa OK that is undergoing renovation or construction can pose a wide range of dangers. This is particularly true on sites where work has stopped or been delayed for some reason. It is much more common for a building to be vacant during commercial construction or renovation that during residential work. It is very important that commercial job sites be secured for this reason. Vandalism, theft, injury and fire are the greatest risk at these sites and the incident of both can be prevented by limiting access to the site, particular when no one is on site working.

The risk of vandalism and theft can be minimized by making sure that no one is able to access the site unless authorized. Fencing and locked gates can go a long way in helping, but at large sites or in areas of high crime a surveillance system is advisable. People seeking to damage property or to steal equipment will seek out easy targets. If your job site is secure and risky to break into they will likely skip it for an easier target.

Injury and fire risks can be minimized by limiting site access as well, but they do not prevent the risk entirely. Even in building that are not completed the risk of fire can be minimized with fire preventative measures such as fireproofing at risk materials and properly storing any flammable materials on the site. Risk of injury can be minimized by making sure that all persons allowed on site have proper safety training and safety equipment. It is also necessary to secure unfinished areas such as elevator shafts and stairwells in these buildings.

Understanding the unique risks and dangers of commercial job sites where construction or renovation has been stopped or delays can help prevent damage to the building and injury. This can help keep the job on schedule and keep costs lower overall.