Speak to Foot and Ankle Doctors in Racine, WI about Your Foot Pain


Do your feet hurt – really hurt? If so, you may need to see a podiatrist about getting the problem resolved. While most people experience achy or tired feet, any foot pain may be the result of a condition that needs immediate attention. Do not let this type of condition go, as it can worsen over time.

Do You Have a Stabbing Pain in Your Heel?

For example, plantar fasciitis is a common foot complaint addressed by foot and ankle doctors in Racine, WI. In fact, this condition is one of the most common reasons that people seek help for a sore heel. The pain stabs a patient first thing in the morning or as soon as he gets out of bed. It may also affect a patient when he sits or stands for an extended time.

What Is the Plantar Fascia?

The plantar fascia of the foot is a long fibrous band of connective tissue that runs along the back of the foot. Therefore, it is easy to see why foot and ankle doctors often see patients about inflammation of this area. The fibers are made of collagen, which breaks down after a time. Therefore, patients may suffer more from plantar fasciitis when they are older.

Do You Have Problems Walking?

If you feel impaired when walking or performing daily chores, you need to speak to one of the foot and ankle doctors in your area about this type of foot pain. The sooner you obtain a diagnosis and treatment, the easier it will be able to look forward to the future. Doctors have the know-how and equipment needed to take care of this type of affliction. That is why you should not put off having the condition assessed.

How to Get the Help and Relief You Need

If you would like to know more about plantar fasciitis or similar foots pains, check here for more info. Do so today so that you can walk with an added feeling of confidence. Speak to a podiatrist in-depth, and get the treatment you need.