Southard Dental Accepts Sooner Care Tulsa OK Insurance For Their Patients’ Needs


Nearly everyone knows that dentists say that everyone should see their family dentist twice a year. One visit would be for a complete inspection of the mouth and gums, including a full set of dental X-rays. The second visit would be for a professional cleaning and if needed, a fluoride treatment. If cavities or a beginning of a gum infection is found, other visits to the dentist would be scheduled. Sooner Care Tulsa OK is a medical insurance that includes dental care. It is an insurance that clearly understands the need for regular routine dental visits for preventative care.

Southard Dental accepts all Sooner Care Tulsa OK insured patients and can talk with their patients regarding whether certain dental procedures are completely or partially covered. Naturally all standard dental treatments, such as fillings, cleanings, X-rays, necessary extractions and gum disease treatments are covered by this insurance carrier. Many procedures that were once labeled as cosmetic services, like professional whitening, full or partial dentures, will also be covered. Many cosmetic dental procedures will be at least partially covered and Southard Dental may be able to negotiate for coverage if they can convince the carrier of the need for procedures, like dental implants or veneers for the patient’s peace of mind.

As a full service dental office Southard can provide everything from dental preventative maintenance training to extractions and root canals and most restorative or cosmetic dental practices. The staff at this office believes in being able to provide as many dental services as their patients may need or want. Their team of diverse professionals are experienced in providing complete dental care that has been tailored to each specific individual patient’s needs. They provide an environment that is comfortable as possible for their patients. With nearly one in five people in the USA wearing full or partial dentures, this team takes care to make sure that any need for dentures is fully explained to their patients.

If your family doesn’t currently have a family dentist, it would be time well spent if you checked Dr. Southard’s dental office. You could drop in or make an appointment to talk with the dentist and staff to see just how well this dental office can take care of all of your family’s needs. To know more, Click here.