Sod In Phoenix Will Create A Beautiful Lawn In the Desert


Phoenix is an area that is hot and dry, and putting down sod is a complicated process requiring an experienced lawn service to lay the sod. However, there is much work to be done ahead of time. The ground must be prepared for the sod to take root and grow,

The soil may need to be removed and replaced with soil which will hold water and supply an adequate base for root growth. The area where the sod will be layed should be measured for installing an in-ground watering system which is essential in the desert environment where Phoenix is located. The water line is connected to a supply valve which is actuated by a controller. This device can be programmed for a set amount of water to be dispersed on certain days and at specific times. The controller automatically shuts off the water when the metered time is up. However, the placement of the water emitters is crucial to the health of the lawn. Sergio’s Lawn Service will know exactly where the emitters should be place to get complete water coverage of the Sod in Phoenix.

Sod in Phoenix must be compatible with the dry weather and the soil type. The sod should be treated with a pre-emergent weed killer and a fertilizer formulated for the sod. Not all lawn fertilizers will help the sod grow into a healthy looking yard, therefore, it is best to let your lawn service company recommend and apply the right fertilizer.

The new sod should be rolled to make it adhere to the sod without any areas that are higher than other areas of the lawn. This will make the lawn look much better when it is mowed. Mowing the lawn is a task which your lawn service can do best, because it has sharpened mower blades and they are set at the correct height for your grass. The grass should be edged where it is growing next to the sidewalk and driveway. Otherwise, the yard will look unkempt and even over grown. A beautiful looking yard can be achieved by using sod to create the lawn. This yard is a gem in the desert and it adds beauty which cannot be rivaled by rocks and cacti.