Social Security Lawyers in Oak Ridge can Help you Apply for Benefits


Social Security eligibility is dependent upon factors such as benefit type, the age of the applicant and whether they’re a survivor or a dependent. A worker must have a certain number of years’ worth of covered employment, which means at least a decade of Social Security taxes must be paid. Below we will discuss some of the eligibility requirements for Social Security.

Does SS Eligibility Depend on my Job?

Local, state, and federal government workers, as well as those who work for non-profit organizations, household and farm workers, and service members all face differing eligibility rules. Consult the SSA or Browse Site of a local Social Security lawyers in Oak Ridge if you are in any of the above fields, to discuss your claim.

Retirement Benefit Eligibility

To get retirement benefits, you must have at least ten years’ covered employment. Claimants cannot get benefits until age 62, and the amount increases with age. Full retirement age depends on your birth year.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits

The primary requirement for this benefit is that you must have a mental or physical impairment that will keep you out of work for at least a year, or you must have a terminal condition. There is an SGI (substantial gainful income) limit -; if you earn more per month, you may get a reduced benefit.

Family Member Benefit Eligibility

Certain family members can receive SS benefits, such as:

1. Spouses 62 and over

2. Spouses who care for a child under 16, or one who receives benefits

3. High school students under 19, and unmarried children under 18

Some survivors of benefit recipients can also get monthly payments. For instance, widowers and widowers 62 and older or who are disabled, unmarried children under 18 and dependent parents can all receive benefits. Social Security laws are very complicated, and you will need the help of a lawyer to receive all the benefits for which you are eligible.

The Social Security Lawyers in Oak Ridge can help you through the entire application process. To learn more about Social Security, please visit Kenneth Miller & Associates, P.C today.