Smaller jobs at your business premises

Construction and Maintenance

Sometimes we require removal of waste from our business premises. It can be an untidy job and if we have customers visiting our premises it does not make a good impression if there is waste and rubbish scattered around the area. The business premises may have undergone some renovations or construction work or it may simply be time for a clear out of old stock. Whatever the reason for wanting to rent a skip it is important that we estimate the amount of waste correctly. A plan should be made concerning exactly what will be taken away and what will be going inside the skip. When this is done it is wise to contact one of the may companies dealing with skip hire in Oxfordshire and discuss both the size of the job and what needs to be removed. One of these companies dealing with skip hire in Oxfordshire can then advise you as to which size and style of skip is most suitable for you. Be careful not to order a skip that is too big for you needs as this will cost you more money whist a skip that is too small may have to be overfilled and a penalty will then be incurred. To this degree it is imperative that care is taken when estimating the amount of waste to be removed.

Medium builders skip

Usually these skips are around 8 yards in size and are perfect for those jobs that require the removal of more robust items such as bricks and mortar or unwanted metalwork. They can also be used for garden waste removal. These skips can accommodate around 75 black bin bags which is a lot of waste. They tend to be used for smaller renovation works that require a medium amount of waste removal.

Large builders skip

These skips are for the larger jobs and will take approximately 80 black bin bags in order to fill it. Typically they are around 8 yards in size and just like the medium size builders skip it will require a permit if it is to be placed on the roadside. They are a favoured skip of the building trade and you will frequently see them being used on construction sites.

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