Small Businesses Need a Backup Internet Connection


As most critical business applications move into the online arena with cloud-based apps and other Internet-sensitive software solutions driving the behind-the-scenes action, even brief downtimes can create big problems for business. Small companies, especially, cannot afford the lost time and lost revenue that goes along with an Internet failure. That’s why so many are exploring their options in regard to a backup Internet connection.

What is a Backup?

A backup Internet connection is nothing more than a secondary Internet Service Provider that’s been contracted to provide services. While this secondary force won’t drive business operations on a day-to-day basis, it’s switched to in the event of an outage involving the main service provider. This is a redundant protection that can keep companies connected and productive even if the main service provider goes down.

How it Works

When a main service provider experiences a loss in connectivity, its customers also experience network downtime. That means accessing email, websites and web-based applications becomes impossible. For those with a backup connection, staying online is possible. That’s because the company can switch over to the secondary service provider for the duration of the main provider’s outage.

In some cases, companies contract their own backup providers and handle the switch over manually. Others, however, choose to use professional services. There are a few reasons why going with a professional service makes sense:

  • Seamless operations – A good backup Internet connection provider will ensure seamless switch over during times of outage. By providing an easy to install and configure failsafe, these firms take the work and worry out of getting a secondary connection up and running quickly.
  • Ease of monitoring – Some companies provide their customers with access to monitoring services. That means they monitor lines and switch to the failsafe if an outage is detected. This adds to the seamless experiences and keeps downtimes incredibly short.
  • Ease of setup – Configuring a WAN or LAN to work with a backup Internet connection can be a pain. Good services take the sting out of it by making installation simple. They also offer clients access to provisioning services. That means if a backup provider hasn’t been found, the company can handle it for the client.

Going without Internet connectivity just isn’t feasible in today’s business climate. This is especially so for small companies that can’t afford the downtime. Redundancy provides a solution.