Skylight Replacement Protects Property and People

Interior Building Systems

Skylights in residential and commercial property introduce healthy natural light to improve the experience for people inside and potentially minimize electric bills. When a skylight fails to operate as intended, it is time to consider skylight replacement. Wisconsin is home to some harsh weather conditions, and a skylight is the last thing that you want to fail under these conditions. Read on to discover what to look for when it’s time to replace.

3 Signs Your Skylight Needs Replacing

While renovation or rebuilding necessitates skylight replacement in Wisconsin, less drastic circumstances do as well. These signs mean that the existing skylight is no longer weather-proof, water-tight, or doing its job of letting in natural light properly.

1 – Dripping water from above is an obvious sign there is a problem, but other signs of water damage can be more subtle. Look closely for discoloration on ceilings and walls. Rust on any part of the skylight structure also means trouble.

2 – If the sunlight that streams through the skylight looks distorted, faded, or patchy, the quality of the glass or acrylic comes into question. Older skylights were often made of multiple levels of acrylic that can discolor or become worn over the years. These signs with a glass skylight might mean condensation and mold growth between the panes or even small cracks and chips from debris and hailstones.

3 – Sometimes you want to replace a skylight because it is an old, inefficient model or one that does not fit with the overall aesthetic of the building. When newer designs come along, it might be time for a full replacement. This can improve the quality of light and HVAC efficiency.

Why Replace Instead of Repair Right Away?

Repair may work as a temporary measure to fix a simple leak caught early, but most damage or age-related wear makes the decision sway to the side of skylight replacement. Wisconsin and the surrounding region has severe weather, and owners need the best protection for the property and people.

Replacement of the entire structure may require more extensive construction activities that could disrupt business to an extent. However, you will receive the latest technology with the most efficient rating, the best materials, and the peace of mind from knowing the skylight above will last for a long time to come.