Skunks Under the Deck? Hire Skunk Removal Experts in Dublin, OH


As residential developments and industrial parks move into rural areas, they are more likely to share their space with wildlife. While it might be engaging to watch a deer run past a window, it is less appealing to smell a skunk outside that window. If the skunk and it’s family have decided to make their home nearby, then it’s time to call in the Skunk removal in Dublin, OH professionals.

It can be frightening to wake up in the middle of the night and hear squealing and scratching in the walls. Not only is it scary, the trapped raccoon can chew threw wiring and damage walls. They can also leave droppings behind that carry disease. Homeowners should quickly call for professional Raccoon removal assistance.

Rabies should always be a concern. Both people and pets can be bitten. While it may seem neighborly to let wild animals roam in the backyard, it can be dangerous. The best solution is to call The Wildlife Control Company. They employ a wide variety of people such as hunters, trappers, and Certified Wildlife Control professionals. Skunks are more apt to have rabies than raccoons or bats, so they should be taken seriously. They are basically nocturnal animals that scurry about at night. If people seem them out during the day, this could mean that they have rabies. Pets should be taken inside and a company that specializes in Skunk removal in Dublin, OH should be called.

Pest removal experts will euthanize a rabid animal. If the animal is healthy, they will bring it to a more appropriate place. Skunk removal in Dublin, OH experts will also work the homeowner to understand why skunks find their yard and home so attractive. Backyard birdwatchers are particularly vulnerable to skunks. They leave a variety of food out to attract birds. While the birds are thankful, the skunks are just as happy to enjoy these snacks. Gardeners who compost are encouraging skunks as well. They will rummage through a compost heap looking for recent additions. Feeding pets inside and keeping trash containers in the garage will remove two skunk attractions. Compost piles can be fenced in and bird feeders can be designed to discourage skunks and squirrels.