Situations that Call for Portable Restrooms in Long Beach, CA

Construction and Maintenance

Whenever a group of people will be staying in one place for long, a variety of items and support services are needed. This is true whether it is a four-person construction crew or a crowd of 50,000 event participants. The most basic requirements are food, water, and a place to go to the bathroom. Food is often brought in by the people themselves, but if they’ve come for an event, food will often be sold on site instead. Water in most areas is delivered by standard plumbing, but may be brought in using bottles or tanks if there isn’t any plumbing yet installed. Bathroom facilities can be permanently built or take the form of portable restrooms in Long Beach CA.

Portable toilets serve groups of all sizes. On construction sites, they are needed because the permanent bathrooms either haven’t been built or aren’t yet attached to active plumbing. A single home being built will often be outfitted with a single porta-Jon, but when a full development is being built, there will usually be several restrooms scattered around the site. These restrooms are switched for empty ones on a scheduled basis to ensure that they don’t get overloaded.

When events are supplied with portable restrooms in Long Beach CA, the units may go beyond the basic. A basic porta-Jon just has a toilet surrounded by an enclosure made of fiberglass or a similar material. Upgrades can take several forms. Sinks are the most common upgrade, and depending on the model, they can be connected to either a water tank or a supply of running water. Lighting is another popular extra, and it is a necessity for events that continue past the daylight hours.

For events like wedding parties, many people choose the best possible outdoor restroom units. These units have multiple stalls and sinks as well as lighting. Choosing such units allows hosts to keep the atmosphere of the event at a higher level than would otherwise be possible.


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