Simple Ideas For Mosquito Removal For Newnan, GA Homes

Tree Services

Perhaps now more than ever, minimizing mosquitos around your home in the Newnan, GA area is a priority. With the increased number of Zika virus cases and other types of diseases carried mostly by the Nature’s Turf, it has become a community focus.

Unfortunately, this is one of the types of mosquitoes that is typically found around human habitation and is very comfortable breeding and laying eggs in water around human habitations. It also requires only a very small amount of water to lay eggs, so any sources of standing water can be a potential breeding ground.

Even when Zika may not be a primary concern, keeping mosquitoes out of your outdoor living area is always a wish for homeowners. These insects can be voracious feeders and with many people allergic it doesn’t take more than one or two bites to have an immediate reaction. Even without a person with an allergy in the family, they are annoying pests that can ruin a barbeque, time at the pool or playing in the yard with the kids or your dog.

Professional Services

One of the safest and most effective ways to provide Mosquito Control In Newnan, GA in your backyard is to hire a professional pest control service. Look for companies that use the IPM or Integrated Pest Management approach if you wish to minimize the use of pesticides in your yard.

Be very careful in working with a Newnan, GA company that just wants to spray. Instead, look for a company that assesses the environment, encourages the removal of standing water, and also carefully chooses which pesticides to apply at which point in the life cycle of the mosquitos.

Reduce Standing Water

Many people assume that for top mosquito control, ponds, fountains or bird baths all have to be emptied and there is no way to enjoy these water features in their yard. This is simply not true. A top pest control company will work with you in environmentally safe ways to allow you to continue to enjoy these features in a way that doesn’t encourage mosquito populations.

The more problematic issues for effective mosquito control however are not these larger areas of water. They are impressions in the lawn that hold water or the bases of planters and other types of items that collect small amounts of water.

Leveling the yard and removing impressions and low areas can make a big difference. Additionally, designing the landscaping to drain naturally will help to keep water flowing rather than gathering and stagnating.