Signs your Drain Needs to be Cleaned


We send a lot of gunk down our drains, don’t we? From the kitchen sink to your shower or bathtub, there’s a lot of dirt and grime that travels through drains on a daily basis. So it stands to reason that a drain may need to be cleaned every once in a while, usually by a professional plumber. If you’re considering commercial or industrial plumbing contractors in Atlanta to help clean the drains and pipes in your home, here are the top signs that you might be right.

#1. Slow drainage

The quickest way to figure out if your drain and pipes are backed up is by watching how long it takes for anything to wash down the drain. And if nothing washes down at all, if the water and waste just stays in the sink/tub/dishwasher etc. after it’s finished, then you have a real problem. Not only is this a sign of obstruction in the pipes, it’s probably one of the most inconvenient things that can happen in your house.

#2. Sewage smell

Have you ever smelled raw sewage? If not, pray that never changes, because it’s one of the foulest things a person can smell. If your drain has become clogged, then all the waste you’ve been pouring down it has been getting stopped short on its way. All this waste builds up until it becomes sewage, sending a very noticeable stench wafting through your house. If it’s gotten to this point, then you need to clean those pipes ASAP. Not only is it foul smelling, it’s also very unhealthy, as it can attract bugs and build bacteria.

#3. Strange noises

When the drain becomes clogged or stopped up in any way, water will still find some way through, through tiny holes and crevices. This causes all manner of strange sounds, which echo up through the drain to the point where you can easily hear them. If you hear these kinds of noises coming from your drain, then it’s time to see someone professional about this issue.

While it is true that you can handle most drain blockages yourself, it’s still important to get a professional opinion before proceeding, as the wrong move can result in your pipes being irreparably damaged. So, if you need one such professional to help you, look no further than Fitzgerald and Sons Plumbing Company.