Signs That You Need a Roof Repair in the Boulder, Colorado Area


The roofing system of a home is integral not only to the people in the home, but to the structure of the home as well. The roof must always be kept in good shape. When a roof repair in Boulder CO is needed, it must be done quickly in order to keep damage at a minimum.

Signs of a Needed Roof Repair

There are several signs that a homeowner will want to call a roofing company for a roof repair. These signs include:

• Musty smells. If there are areas in the home that smell musty or moldy, this is a sign that the roof needs a repair. When the air is not ventilating correctly, humidity will get trapped in the attic. This can cause damage to the plywood, which will allow for mold growth.

• Ceiling leaks. As soon as a ceiling leak is noticed, the homeowner should call for roof repair in Boulder, CO. A ceiling leak is a sign that the roof has failed somewhere. This could be damage to a shingle, or a panel on the roof. The longer that it is not fixed, the bigger chance of further damage to the home.

• Loose or missing shingles. Homeowners should periodically inspect their roofs for any missing, loose, or damaged shingles. If they cannot get on top of their roof to inspect, they should have a professional do it for them.

Keeping an eye out for these things will help to prevent damage to the home because of the roof. Homeowners should consider getting yearly inspections of their roof to help mitigate any issues.