Signs Quality Residential Electrical Repairs are Needed


The electrical system of any home requires maintenance and evaluation frequently to keep it working properly. Keeping up with electrical maintenance can be daunting, but necessary to prevent serious problems. Knowing the signs that Quality residential electrical repairs are needed can help save a homeowner from a complete blackout, malfunctioning appliance or worse.

Blinking or Flickering Lights

Flickering or blinking lights may indicate a connection issues somewhere along a circuit. If all the bulbs are tight in lights, then further investigation may be necessary to find the problem. If widespread flickering is noticed, a professional service should be called right away for Quality residential electrical repairs.

Dead Switch or Outlet

Another sign a poor connection is present is if there are blown outlets, switches or circuits that gave no indication of a problem. Poor connections are often the result of broken or loose wires and should be handled right away.

Popping Light Bulbs

Popping bulbs or lights that go dim while others run bright indicate a problem with the main neutral connection. The issue can become progressively destructive and may cause appliances to stop working with no warning at all. Calling an electrician right away is necessary for this problem.

Frequent Blown Fuses

Creating a hazard and annoyance, fuses that blow on a regular basis indicate an overloaded circuit. While throwing a switch is a quick fix, or balancing energy usage within the home, the best option is to contact an electrician to create another circuit to take the excessive load off of the existing one.

Loose Plug or Sparking Outlet

Plugging and unplugging things over the years can cause the deterioration of a wall socket. A sign of worn out outlets is if a plug wiggles or falls out when inserted. These outlets can cause injuries and be a fire hazard. Seek repair for this issue immediately.

When electrical repairs are needed, Able Electrical Services Inc. offers 24/7 Emergency Services! Call or contact the professionals to have any electrical issue fixed quickly and properly the first time. Keeping a home’s electrical system in good repair is essential to preventing fires and other potentially hazardous situations at bay.