Signs of Trouble With Garage Door Openers in Scottsdale, AZ

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Most people don’t think about the way their garage door works until it doesn’t. A home’s garage door is one of its biggest moving parts, and when it malfunctions, it can cause injury and property damage. In this guide, readers can learn several signs of problems with Garage Door Openers in Scottsdale, AZ.

The Door Doesn’t Close or Open

Failure to raise and lower is one of the most obvious signs of a garage door problem. If there’s a control panel or keypad, an improper connection between the device and the door may be to blame. Retest control devices and ensure that nothing blocks the door. If there are still issues, it may be time to call a garage door repair professional.

Slow Response to Input

If the home has had an automatic door opener for years, owners are likely used to its response cycle. In most cases, the door starts to move within seconds of a button press, and it should work without interruption. Unexpected hesitation may indicate an issue with the opener, and the homeowner may need to call a technician who repairs Garage Door Openers in Scottsdale, AZ.

Noisy Operation

Chain-driven doors and older models are often noisy. However, if they’re making abnormal levels of noise, it could mean that the door needs repair. The most common causes of loud operation include problems with openers, opener brackets, and springs.


Even if the home has an automatic opener, users should perform regular manual tests. Simply disconnect the door from the opener and raise and lower it by hand. When raised to the halfway point, the door should remain in place. Any movement is a sign of balance problems or an issue with the tension spring.

An Off-Track Garage Door

Garage doors run on tracks, but it’s possible for them to come off-track. Typically, these problems arise when doors are damaged or in bad condition, and homeowners should seek out a garage door repair as soon as possible.

High Energy Bills

If the garage door is over two decades old, it may bring higher utility costs into the home. Newer doors are more energy-efficient than those made before. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) notes that garage door upgrades are a good option for homeowners who want to save money by living a greener lifestyle. Visit the website or call Neighborhood Garage Door Service for more details.