Signs You Need Transmission Repair Service in Houston


There are a number of problems that may develop with the transmission in your vehicle, causing serious issues. However, usually, your vehicle will provide you with warning signs that you need Transmission Repair Service in Houston. Some of the most tell-tale times that you need transmission repair for your vehicle are highlighted here.

You Notice a Burning Smell
If you notice a foul odor or a burning smell coming from under your hood or vehicle then this may indicate that there is some sort of transmission issue. It may indicate that your transmission has begun to overheat, because of low or no transmission fluid, a leak or fluid that is dirty.

Fluid that is Leaking
One of the best ways for you to determine if your transmission may need Transmission Repair Service in Houston is if you notice fluid beneath your vehicle. The fluid in automatic transmissions will be red, translucent and smell sweet. The fluid that comes from manual transmission fluid will be blackish, red, or dark green and translucent. If the fluid appears cloudy and smells burnt, then this is an issue with the transmission and you need to seek professional repair right away.

Appearance of the Check Engine Light
This sensor lets you know that there is something not normal in your vehicle’s engine. A professional repair shop will be able to use a diagnostic scan tool to determine why this light has come on. In most cases, the light will not appear due to a transmission issue; however, there may be other warning signs that go along with the light that will indicate there is a transmission problem present.

It is important that you take notice of any changes in your vehicle’s performance. If there is a transmission present, then you should visit for help and information. This will help ensure that the issue that is present is fixed and that your transmission is functioning properly and that it continues to do so. Taking the time to notice issues with your transmission early on will help you save time and money down the road since the issue will only get worse and more expensive to repair.