Signs that You Need Heating Repair in Madison, CT

Heating and Air Conditioning

Having a heater that simply stops working in the middle of a freezing night is not only frustrating, but at times it can actually endanger you and your family. Rather than waiting until the unit has completely stopped working, it is a good idea to seek heating repair in Madison CT at the first signs of an issue or problem. Some of the issues that may indicate that your heater is experiencing problems are highlighted here.

The main indicator that you have a heating issue is pretty easy to identify: your heater is simply not heating your home. You can determine if your heater is actually broken by trying to pinpoint the exact issue.

First you have to determine the type of heater that you have. If you have a gas heater, then you should ensure that the gas is on. If you have a pilot light that is out, and that is staying out, then the issue may be with your actual gas company, rather than the heating unit itself. However, if you have noticed that the fan is not actually turning on, then you may have an issue with the unit itself, such as an error with the electric connection. The problem may also be as simple adjusting the settings for the thermostat to ensure that it is reaching the ideal temperature.

In other situations you may have a heater that is working, but not very efficiently. Older units that are not maintained properly oftentimes suffer from this issue. There may be a number of issues causing this problem.

heating repair in Madison CT should be used for serious issues, that way you do not have to pay for a service call when no real problem is present. One of the most common issues, which are easily resolved, is cleaning a dirty or clogged air filter. You should ensure that the air intake of any cooling or heating system in your home ha a clean filter. This will ensure that the air comes out clean, which can improve your home’s overall air quality.

Knowing the tips and signs that you may have a heater issue will help you know if you need to seek professional repair services.