Signs that You Need to Call the Plumbers in Ft. Pierce, FL


The difficulty of addressing plumbing issues is that the problem is not always obvious. Often, it is the hidden plumbing issues that can cause the most problems and can cost the most to repair. That is why when you see one of these signs, you really need to call in a plumber. Addressing these problems quickly will help save you money in the long run.

One big sign you want to keep an eye out for is a discolouring of paint. Water will often cause discoloration as one of its first signs that a leak is occurring. At this point, the damage still isn’t all that significant even if the Plumbers in Ft. Pierce FL have to open up some walls to discover the source of the leak. If left alone too long, this discoloration will eventually turn into a full-blown hole.

Another big sign you should watch for is unexplained mold growth that doesn’t have an obvious source of water feeding it. While a small patch of mold can easily be dealt with, the source of moisture it is getting should be investigated immediately. Sometimes, plumbing lines can run in unexpected places. A hidden plumbing pipe that has developed a leak could be providing the fuel for mold growth. If this problem is not addressed, the mold will continue to return.

The sound of a continual water drip is another indication that you need to call the Plumbers in Ft. Pierce FL. Sometimes, you can hear rather than see a leak in the walls. Even though the water is probably running down the pipe, it is still adding humidity to the area which can allow mold to grow inside the walls or cause soft spots that eventually rot wood. Eventually, it will become obvious where the leak is. But by then, extensive damage has been done.

These are some of the signs that water is running where it shouldn’t be flowing. If you discover one of these signs, then it usually means some damage has been done. But to keep the damage under control, you need to call in a plumber as soon as these signs appear.