Signs You Need AC Service in Wichita

Heating and Air Conditioning

While it is not too difficult to determine if your AC unit needs repairs, people that are not experienced with these units may not know the signs that signify that AC Service in Wichita is needed. You rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool during the hot summer months, and if it is not functioning properly, it can cause you a large amount of discomfort. Some of the clear signs that your AC unit needs service are highlighted here.

Not Producing Cool Air

If you begin to notice that your air conditioning unit is not working as well as it used to, or that it is not producing any cool air, this is a clear sign that you need AC Service in Wichita. In many cases, a lack of cool air may mean that the system’s compressor has completely failed. It may also mean the Freon in the unit is low.

Insufficient Air Flow

If you have noticed little or weak air flow through the vents, then this is another sign that the compressor may be failing. You may also notice that some rooms are getting cold, while others are not, which can be an issue with the duct work and that you should seek immediate AC Service in Wichita.

Problems with the Thermostat

There are some situations where the issue that you are experiencing will not be with the actual air conditioning unit, but rather the thermostat. One clear sign that this is your issue is if a portion of your home is extremely cold, while the other remains the right temperature.

Excessive Moisture

Leakage or moisture near or around your system can be a clear indication of an issue. When you notice any leaks, it can be the result of two issues: the refrigerant or the drain tube. No matter the culprit it is important to call for AC Service right away.

When your AC unit stops working properly, it is important to seek service right away. If you allow the issue to go unfixed, it may result in you have to replace the entire unit. With professional services, you can have the unit fixed properly and back up and running in no time.

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