Signs It’s Time for Wood Flooring Repair in Manhattan

Home Improvement

Wood floors have a well-deserved reputation for durability and longevity, but they will only last a lifetime if they are provided with adequate maintenance. Not only does routine refinishing prevent damage, but it also gives homeowners the ability to catch any potential problems early before they become more serious. Look out for the following warning signs that a room needs Wood Flooring Repair in Manhattan and save money by avoiding the need for replacing the floor.

Cracks and Separations

A lot of cracking and separations between boards occur due to changes in humidity and temperature. Often, the cracks close up as the weather changes, and much of this seasonal shifting can be minimized by installing a humidifier for use during the dry winter months. However, if the cracks are persistent throughout the seasons, homeowners should probably call in a repair technician to evaluate the floor before this separation of boards gets any worse.

Broken Planks

Although wood floors are quite durable, no flooring material is completely indestructible. Thankfully, acute damage due to dropped objects, moving heavy furniture, or other sources of broken planks can usually be addressed without needing to replace the entire floor. A certified flooring technician can simply take out the offending plank and replace it with a new one that matches the existing floor perfectly.

Cupping and Crowning

Cupping refers to boards whose edges are higher than their centers, while crowning describes the opposite effect. The most frequent culprit when these issues occur is a moisture imbalance in the air, although it can also be a sign of acute water damage. If only one or two boards have been affected, they can usually be removed and steps can be taken to prevent future damage.

Buckling Floors

Yet another response to excessive moisture, buckling occurs when the wood planks begin to pull up from the subfloor. When this issue is caught early, it can generally be fixed through simple spot repairs. However, if allowed to progress, it can lead to the entire floor needing to be replaced.

Get Help Now

For homeowners who have noticed one or more of these issues, the best time to take action and hire a contractor for Wood Flooring Repair in Manhattan is now. Contact New York Wood Flooring to get started today.