Signs it’s Time for Light Repairs in Bradenton, FL


Homeowners rely on both interior and exterior lights to keep a home’s spaces safe, usable, and beautiful even after dark. Despite the importance of artificial lighting, many homeowners give little thought to their light fixtures unless they stop working entirely.

Unfortunately, some electrical problems can leave residential properties at risk of fires. That’s why it’s a good idea for homeowners to learn about the common signs of faulty lighting. If property owners notice any of the common issues listed below, they can call an electrician for Light Repairs in Bradenton FL before anything goes dramatically wrong.

Abnormal Sounds

When electricity is flowing correctly, it’s silent. Gaps in electrical circuits can force the current to jump, creating a buzzing, humming, or popping sound. Homeowners who notice these unusual noises when they turn on their lights should flip them back off and call an electrician to check the wiring as soon as possible.

Excess Heat

Modern light fixtures are insulated to keep any heat at a minimum. If a light fixture has inadequate insulation, it can cause problems with overheating. If the air immediately surrounding a light fixture is hotter than anywhere else in the room, it’s time to call an electrician for Light Repairs in Bradenton FL.

Flickering Lights

There are two reasons that otherwise functional lights might flicker. The first is a loose light bulb, which homeowners can fix themselves. The second problem is much more serious, though.

When there are large gaps in an electrical circuit, the current can’t jump those gaps fast enough to provide a steady supply of power. This causes the lights to flicker. Only a licensed electrician should solve this problem.

Unexpected Brightening and Dimming

If they’re functioning properly, lights should stay at the same level of brightness. If homeowners notice their lights dimming when other devices are turned on, it may indicate an overloaded electrical circuit. The residents should call an electrician who can change what circuits their appliances are connected to or create dedicated lines from them.

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