Signs it is Time for Window Repair in Santa Clarita, CA

Home Improvement

Windows are designed to be tough, and when they are maintained regularly, they have a pretty long lifespan. However, windows aren’t completely immune to wear and tear and eventually will begin to deteriorate. Even when a homeowner provides the highest level of care, there will come a time when issues with the windows’ performance or structure will make window repair in Santa Clarita, CA necessary.

There’s a Draft

Even the newest and best windows are going to let some amount of air inside. However, it should not be an amount that a homeowner can feel. A small draft may not seem like that big of an issue, but a single drafty window may impact the inside temperature, making the HVAC system have to work even harder to keep up. This is going to affect the home’s comfort levels and increase energy costs.

Weatherstripping and caulk may help, but these are not permanent solutions. At this point, window repair in Santa Clarita, CA or window replacement is best.

Issues Opening or Closing the Windows

Windows that are older, but single- and double-hung windows, can eventually develop balance problems. This is what will make them hard to close or open. Issues related to rust and rot may also make the problem get worse.

Condensation Between the Panes of Glass

If the windows start to fog up, and a homeowner notices there is condensation between the glazings, it means there is an issue with seal failure. If a seal fails, then moisture can enter the space in between the panes of glass, which forms the condensation. When it is colder outside, sometimes a homeowner may notice frost or even ice building up between the panes of glass.

When it comes to a home’s windows, there are more than a few signs that a problem is present and that windows need to be repaired or replaced. Don’t wait to seek repairs as the problem with the windows is only going to continue getting worse. More information about window repair and when it is necessary can be found by taking the time to visit the website.