Signs That Your Car Need Transmission Repair Or Transmission replacement in Plano


Having transmission problems will cause your car to run very sluggishly and even worse it can leave you stranded out in the middle of nowhere. There are many different options when it comes to what kind of repair you need or you may just need replacement of your transmission. The following are a few signs that you may need to see a professional for transmission services.

Check Engine Light

Many times, the first sign of a problem comes from the illumination of the check engine light. The light is there to warn you of conditions that can affect the running of your vehicle. If your transmission is malfunctioning, the sensors located in your vehicle will send a signal that something is wrong, which will cause your light to come on. If you choose to ignore this warning, you could turn what should be a small transmission problem into a possible Transmission replacement in Plano.

Leaking Fluids

If you notice that your transmission fluid is leaking from the underside of your car, then you should immediately take it to a transmission professional. The fluid of your transmission is vital in it running smoothly because without this fluid there is no lubricant in the transmission. The lack of lubricant in a transmission will lead to stripping of gears and bands, which usually will lead to a transmission rebuild or in some severe case a Transmission replacement in Plano. The color of transmission fluid is reddish, which should make it detectable in a driveway or other concrete surfaces. If you check your fluid and notice it is low or darker than it should be, then you should seek a transmission repair shop to diagnose your problem.

When looking for a transmission repair shop, you should only consider ones with experience in your type of vehicle. The professionals as Eagle Transmission are able to work on foreign and domestic vehicles. You will need to take your car to these professionals to allow them to test drive it so they can accurately diagnose your transmission problems. If your check engine light is on, they can check the code that your onboard computer is giving, which can tell them all they need to know generally.