Show Off Your Selection With Carefully Chosen Jewelry Trays

Jewelry Boxes

There many different options for displaying fine jewelry items. For some of the main displays in the larger cases, the use of the multi-level and multi-display types of elaborate displays are the perfect way to highlight selected items in the collection.

For other pieces that complement the collection but may not be a part of the central theme or display, different types of jewelry trays can be used to draw attention to the possible combinations of looks or options to consider. These are not just display trays; they are also a practical way to show customers different types of jewelry items.

These trays can be specially designed to hold earrings, pendants and rings. They typically hold six different items, at least of the earrings and pendant options. The ring tray will usually hold 12 to 14 rings if all slots are used.

Color Options

There are two different approaches to using jewelry trays to complement a larger central display. The first option is to select tray colors that are the same as the large display for a very uniform look.

Another option is to choose a contrasting color to create a visual frame in the case around the central display or in each of the corners. Both options are very appealing and can be used in all types of jewelry store décor, designs and themes.


Quality jewelry trays are very minimal in any design or features. The earring and pendant trays will have a large enough card and open area to display larger or smaller jewelry items.

The ring trays allow most types of rings to be inserted into the slots where they are held firmly in place for display. All trays can be used flat on the base of the display case, but they can also be placed on an angle tilting forward from back to front.

Different trays can be tilted at different degrees to provide more depth and dimensionality to a display. Design features such as scarves, ornaments or themed items can also be used with the trays, adding to the visual appeal of the configuration.

While the specifics of jewelry trays may not seem like a big consideration for a display, these are items you will use over and over again. Buying quality trays ensures they can be used for years to not only display items but to also present rings, pendants and earrings to customers for closer inspection and consideration.