Should you Repair or Replace your AC Unit?

Heating and Air Conditioning

The choice between repairing and replacing your AC unit can be a tricky one indeed. One is more expensive, but it’s definitely the most effective way of eliminating problems. The other may be a waste of time to try to repair, but it will save you a lot of money. Which do you choose? How do you know when it’s definitely time to choose? If you are considering air condition repair or replacement in Pickering ON, this question is likely bouncing around in your mind. Thankfully, there are certain factors that help to tip the proverbial scales one way or the other. As the following shall now demonstrate.


Air conditioning units last from 10-15 years, maybe a bit more if you’ve been keeping up with maintenance and upkeep. So if your AC unit is acting up, check to see when it was installed. If it was installed over 15 years ago, then it’s high time for a new one. However, if there’s still plenty of time left on the proverbial clock, then you can just have it repaired and carry on. Age will be a massive deciding factor in whether you should repair or replace.


Most folks see replacing as the more expensive endeavor, and in many cases it is, but sometimes repairing is more financial trouble than it’s worth. It’s a lot of math, which will vary depending on the issue you have with your AC unit, but sometimes the cost of repairing, long term, will far exceed that of the one-time $5,000-7,000 price tag that replacing it will cost you. Run the numbers if you’re really unsure about this, and make sure you get it exact, because either way you’re going to be spending a lot of money.

Energy bills

Energy bills are calculated partly by how much energy each appliance is putting out to fulfill its function. Thus, if an AC unit needs to put more effort into getting its air into the entirety of the house, then the energy bills will start shooting up, and fast. So if you’ve noticed this pattern with your house’s AC unit, where regardless of how you’ve used it or not, the energy bills just continue to rise, then you may actually need to replace instead of repairing. Because the only kind of unit that does this, is one that’s on its last legs.

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