Short Term Staffing and Drug Testing in North Bend, OR


Most businesses that you go to when looking for a job, whether it’s a small business or large corporation typically employs the use of the drug free environment. This means that they’re employees are required to not take illegal or illicit drugs. In order to cover businesses liabilities as well as to ensure that the highest level of service is received from its employees, many companies choose required and random drug tests of their employees throughout the year. That’s why many companies big and small turned to Atlas Edge Staffing Services for any requirements they have for Drug testing North Bend OR.

When you think of a company like Atlas Edge Staffing, the first thought that comes to mind isn’t Drug testing North Bend OR. However, in an attempt to expand their services outside of offering quality temporary and emergency staffing, Atlas Edge offers a wide range of substance testing for virtually any company big or small. Whether you require all your new employees to be subjected to drug testing or you conduct random drug testing of employees throughout the year, Atlas Edge can meet any of your companies drug testing needs. They can also administer DOT mandated and approved alcohol testing of licensed truck drivers.

One of the great things about these drug testing services is the flexibility of these tests. If you prefer, you can have your employees go to an off site facility for the drug test to be taken in a very controlled environment. However, if the logistics are too much for you or your employees, you can have Atlas Edge come to your place of business to administer various mobile drug tests instead of you coming to them.

Regardless of whether you need quality short term staffing or you need comprehensive Drug testing North Bend OR for your new or existing employees, Atlas Edge is the company your business will want partner with. From a wide variety of testing available as well as the flexibility of having the drug testing come to you, there is simply no reason why your North Bend, Oregon business should be without proper drug testing for your current or new employees. Visit us for more details.