Why You Should Shop for Brass Fittings for Your Piping Installations

Construction and Maintenance

For both domestic and commercial purposes, you should consider installing your premises with the best piping for both your drainage and distribution of water or any other substance. Brass fittings are becoming very popular because of their advantages compared to other metal or plastic fittings. Brass, being an alloy composing of zinc and copper, has been trusted for many years in the construction and building industry. It is also used in transporting of substances like; water, chemicals, flammable gases and many more. Listed below are some of the major reasons why you should Shop for Brass Fittings.


Brass fittings are considerably durable compared to other metals. They are very resilient and don’t wear and tear easily and can serve you for decades to come.

Can Withstand Very High Temperatures

Most homes use hot water systems for domestic purposes. Their good conductivity of heat makes them more efficient in heating water and saves energy. Some metals can’t resist high temperature but as for brass, it can even resist fire.

Relatively Soft

Brass is malleable and that makes it easy to bend. This property enables it to be shaped or molded into different shapes and sizes of your desire. It will not also give the plumbers a hard time in its installation. This will be to your advantage because the plumbers will have an easy time and thus the cost of installation will be lower as compared to other metals.

Variety of Finishes

You don’t have to always have the same old brass color. If you prefer brass for your fitting but you would wish it had different color, worry no more because they also come in a variety of coated finishes. You can choose from lacquered, polished, antique or nickel finish. They come in handy especially when your fittings have to extend to the outside of your house and you need the pipes to compliment your surroundings,

Corrosive Resistance

The most common cause of wear and tear in metals is rust and corrosion. With brass, you do not have to worry as it is resistant. This is part of the reason why it lasts longer.

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