Shingle Roof Repairs in Orland Park: Replacing Defective Shingles


Your roofing system is the structure that acts as an insulator, aesthetic enhancer, and weather barrier. This part of your home protects household occupants and your interior assets. If you have a shingle roof, you may have to replace defective shingles at some time during the useful life of your roof. To do this in a simple manner, use the following guidelines for shingle Roof Repairs in Orland Park.

Before you climb onto your roof to start shingle replacement, ensure that you wear shoes with slip-grip soles. Use fall protective equipment such as a harness and elongation rope. Any ladder you use should be placed on a flat surface that is dry. If your roof has a steep slope, consider using a ladder system. Only perform this task when the weather is mild. Avoid doing this right after it rains, snows or sleets.

Some tools you will need to perform a shingle replacement include a hammer, a pry bar, and a putty knife. You will also need about six nails per shingle. Roofing nails come in various sizes but a standard size used in residential roofs are 11/4 roofing nails, or nails that are 1 and 1/4 inches in length. A roofing shingle is usually secured with four roofing nails. The bottom two nails on the damaged shingle will pass through the top part of the shingle below it. Use the pry bar to expose the first row of nails underneath the shingle above the damaged shingle. Insert the pry bar underneath the damaged shingle and lift upwards. When the nails popup, press the damaged shingle back down and use the hammer to remove it. Do this again for the three remaining nails. Extricate the other nails in the same manner. Once you have removed all nails, pull out the damaged shingle. Insert the new shingle and secure it to the roof. Attach adjoining shingles with nails and adhesive.

Shingle Roof Repairs in Orland Park are necessary to prevent leaks from forming. If you fail to do this, deterioration can spread to other shingles on the roof. For more information on roofing services, click for more info. This company can handle residential and commercial roofing services.