Sewer Repair in Pasadena, CA with Residential Plumbing Companies


Sewers are usually effective at carrying away waste from a house or business to a treatment plant or disposal facility. However, chemicals, wear, and age can cause the pipes to become damaged and broken. In these cases, it will take an experienced plumbing company to replace them.Drain Right Services is one company to offer sewer repair in Pasadena, CA.

Typically, when a house has broken sewer pipes, it will require the front or back yard to be dug up in order to get to the problem. However, one new method to replace the pipe is called the trenchless sewer pipe replacement. With this method, pipes are replaced in a way that keeps the costs down. This is because the landscaping, driveway, and yard is left untouched. This method of sewer repair saves homeowners both time and money.

The newest method of trenchless replacement in sewer repair in Pasadena, CA is a technique called pipelining. This method involves a process of repairing broken or damaged pipes in a two-step process called CIPP, which stands for cured in place pipe. The first step in this process is to clean out the sewer pipes, removing obstructions such as calcium, tree roots, and debris. Once the pipes are cleared, an epoxy coating is poured in, which creates a secondary internal pipe.

Over time, sewer pipes can become clogged. Plumbing companies can offer homeowners inspections to check the conditions of their pipes every few years. If an inspection shows sewer lines that are partially blocked, companies can offer a way to clean those sewer lines. A hydro-jet method is high pressured water that is flushed through drains, and sewer lines. The force of the water clears out all debris, which will help keep sewer lines from becoming clogged. Extreme clogging could be a cause for replacement.

The days of having to dig up yards to fix sewer pipes are over now because a more modern technique has been created by plumbing companies like Century Rooter Service & Plumbing. Trenchless sewer replacement is the technique and the hero to many. It involves a two-step process where sewer pipes are first cleared out, then an epoxy is injected within to form a pipe within a pipe. It’s a pretty cool process that makes residential draining neat.