Services Provided as Part of Rehabilitation Therapy Rockland County, NY

Senior Living

When an individual needs rehabilitation therapy in Rockland County, NY, there are a variety of services that they may need. Clients may need to seek services for a short-term or for a long-term stay. Regardless of the length of the stay, clients will need to seek out rehabilitation therapies based on their unique needs.

Types of Therapy

Rehabilitation therapy in Rockland County, NY, typically includes physical, speech and occupational therapy. Some clients will need one of these therapies, while others may need a combination or all three. Speech therapy helps clients who have difficulty forming words and is typically needed by those who have experienced a stroke or who have a traumatic brain injury. Physical therapy allows rehabilitation of a client’s physical movements, while occupational therapy focuses on an individual’s ability to perform everyday tasks.

Types of Conditions Needing Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation services can be provided to clients experiencing a wide variety of conditions. Injuries such as brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, and amputations frequently need rehabilitation therapy. Other conditions that require rehabilitation include chronic pain, muscular disorders and neurological disorders.

Types of Services

Those who go into rehabilitation therapy require more than simple therapy in order to prosper in their treatment. A full variety of recreational activities is typically offered as part of rehabilitative therapy. Social services, spiritual programs and dietary assistance is typically offered. Medical and nursing services may also be available to those who need them.

Tolstoy Foundation Rehabilitation & Nursing Center offers physical, speech and occupation therapy to Rockland County, NY residents.