Services Offered by an Orthodontist Wichita KS


When children are growing up, they are faced by a variety of developmental complications. Teeth are normally some of the most common sources of these complications. In case your child has crooked or misaligned teeth, it is good to get an orthodontist to help you rectify the problem before the child gets older. Here are some of the services offered by an Orthodontist Wichita KS to help correct teeth defects in children.

Dental brackets and wires

Braces, also known as dental brackets, are normally used to correct teeth that are misaligned. The process involves fixing brackets on to the teeth using dental cement, and using wires to join the brackets. When the wires have been joined to the brackets, the dentist will keep tightening them from time to time, a motion that leads to the teeth being forced back into position. The process of using braces to correct dental anomalies takes a few years, and after completion, the dentist recommends a retainer to prevent the teeth from shifting back to their previous position.


This is a newer and arguably more effective way to deal with crooked teeth. Invisalign makes use of aligner trays that are almost colorless. These trays are attached to the teeth and force the teeth to move along a pre-determined path into the best position. The aligners have become more popular in orthodontics for the following reasons:
*    The possibility to remove them and put them back on whenever you need to.

*    The fact that they are easier to use and do not attract any unwanted attention or stigma.

*    Most orthodontic experts claim that using Invisalign to rectify teeth helps achieve faster results than the use of other methods.

*    The aligners are removed when eating and put back in after a meal. This means that there will be no risk of tooth decay when using the method.

Other processes that are carried out by orthodontists include correcting under-bites, overbites and recommending treatment options for complications such as TMJ. A competent Orthodontist Wichita KS will help you deal with whatever orthodontics issue you are dealing with.