Services Offered By Cosmetic Dentistry Experts


There are many things that prevent people from having that perfect smile. These include dental anomalies that people are born with and issues that result from poor dental hygiene. To improve the things that you feel caused the imperfection in your smile, you need to consult experts in Cosmetic Dentistry in Royal Oak. Here are a few of the services that are offered by these experts.

Teeth whitening
People that have stained or discolored teeth have a very hard time talking in public and even smiling. Staining and discoloration is caused by:

1. Poor dental hygiene
2. Activities such as smoking
3. Taking in products that have too much fluoride
4. Drinks that have a dark pigment such as coke and black coffee

There are many reasons whitening at the dentist is advised. First, the process will achieve results with as little as one visit to the dentist. Second, the dentist will use both peroxide and special light to deal with tough stains. Third, the dentist will make sure that you do not result to over-bleaching that could lead to tooth sensitivity and permanent discoloration.

Another common dental anomaly is teeth that are chipped, fractured or broken. These could be caused by trauma to the teeth or poor dental hygiene. Veneers are coatings that cover the surface of the tooth and hide these flaws while at the same time protecting the tooth from further damage. The veneers are made from either resin or porcelain. They are attached after a part of the natural tooth is removed.

Many people struggle with crooked and misaligned teeth, especially the front teeth. Invisalign is a procedure used in realigning teeth that are out of position. The method involves making use of invisible plastic trays to move the teeth back to desired positions. The trays are adjusted after every few weeks. It is more hygienic and sophisticated than using dental brackets to straighten teeth. The procedure also allows the patient avoid the stigma attached to having to wear braces.