Serviced Apartments Make the Stay Short and Sweet


A trip that has a long or short stay expectation deserves equal level of accommodations and conveniences. It’s most important to know that everything a guest requires is provided by the apartment in which they will reside during their visit. Short stay serviced apartments are greatly enhanced by the services they provide for the convenience of guests. These services vary from location to location but are valuable for a fully accommodating travel adventure. There is such a demand to keep the home in order and up to function and it’s great to have a break from it all while vacationing or away on business. These are simple luxuries that are greatly appreciated due to their quality level of professionalism at which they are offered.

The Provisions

Short stay serviced accommodations are much more than standard. They include daily housekeeping services that keep the apartment clean and ready for occupancy or guests at all times. This service is typically offered weekdays, Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm and including Saturdays, till noon. There is no housekeeping on public holidays or Sundays but most are so busy with family and entertainment that they’d rather not be interrupted on these days anyway. Most apartments make certain that guests or residents of the short stay units have access to laundry services which provide clean linens and towels for their convenience. For those unexpected emergencies, guests can take advantage of the in-house laundry rooms for their use as well.

Contemporary Design

It matters not that the stay is expected to only last a short time. The accommodations and beauty of the apartment is still a priority. Every guest is expected to return and each experience should be pleasantly accommodating. There is a great deal of thought and design that goes into the floor plan and design of the space. Contemporary furnishings and immaculate attention offered to tones and colors of each room help to deliver a look of completion to each apartment. There is a professional touch given to every apartment with skilled interior design input, quality assurance inspections and interaction that expresses the likes and dislikes of actual guests. Most people who enjoy a stay at one of the short stay apartments seek contemporary style, exceptional comfort and striking beauty. These are the primary areas of focus that help the apartment designers to realize what each unit needs in order to satisfy the guests.

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