Service Contracts Simplify Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Near Cobot AR

Air Conditioning

If a homeowner needs installation or heating and air conditioning repair near Cobot, AR they may be able to buy a maintenance contract or service agreement. Such an arrangement can be a benefit in some cases, but it can be unnecessary in others. When they discover on what these agreements entail, homeowners can make an informed decision.

What’s Involved in an HVAC Contract?

A service contract is an agreement between a customer and a service provider where the customer pays a fee to guarantee ongoing service for the HVAC unit. With a basic contract, services include tune-ups at the start of summer and winter. Some service contracts include labor and parts for problems detected during checkups, and others include emergency services. Contracts with priority heating and air conditioning repair near Cobot, AR can help buyers save inconvenience and time when a unit fails. However, inclusive contracts cost more.

Advantages of Regular Maintenance

Those with service contracts are more likely to regularly maintain their HVAC systems. Regular maintenance improves a unit’s energy efficiency, as technicians can spot issues before they become serious. Having a professional inspection a couple of times each year can help homeowners save by identifying problems while they are still manageable.

A Service Contract May Exceed the Cost of Repair

Most homeowners are reluctant to buy a service contract because of the cost. These agreements can cost up to $500 per year or more depending on the level of service offered. If a system is still under manufacturer warranty, the cost might not be justifiable because major repairs are typically covered. However, some warranties require regular maintenance as part of the terms and conditions.

Learn About Service Contracts Before Buying

Before a customer pays for a service agreement, they should compare its cost to that of regular maintenance for the unit. In some cases, it is cheaper to pay out of pocket for routine service. The customer should find out if emergency service is included. If it is and prices are fair, the service contract may be a good buy. As with any other contract, the buyer should carefully read the fine print and learn which actions could potentially nullify the agreement.