Senior Care Managers in Manatee County FL Match Services to Needs

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Data Links Aging to Decline in Independent Living

According to the 2020 United States Census, of the population older than 75, 12.8% have self-care disabilities, 13.1% have cognitive disabilities, 33.1% have ambulatory disabilities, and 23.6% have independent living disabilities.

Fortunately, services exist to mitigate the impact of these age-related disabilities. However, the complexity of the health care and home service industry can quickly overwhelm those seeking help. Senior care managers in Manatee County, FL know the services available and can connect the individual with the most helpful service.

Senior Care Managers in Manatee County, FL Help the Aging Live Independently

Life care management advocates for the aging and disabled. By evaluating the individual’s specific needs and unique preferences, a senior care manager in Manatee County, FL can recommend and educate the person as they journey through the maze of choices offered. For example, matching a home companion based on specific interests creates an effective care partner for the client.

Aging in the Place is Important

Most people want to live at home for as long as possible. Even if age and disability present barriers. Often, loved ones do not live near enough to assist in making decisions or managing day-to-day. Daily money management, fiduciary and executor support, placement service, and healthcare surrogates can step in when the individual and family cannot help. Aging is unique and hopefully will happen to everyone. Instead of navigating an unknown system while making decisions, people can use experienced, knowledgeable individuals for advice.