Sending Free SMS Across India


There is a huge demand today for online services that allow you to send free SMS. India, with her 85 million mobile users is one of the biggest consumers of mobile telephony services today. Almost everyone has a phone, and it has become more than just a mere communication device. It has become almost a personal identity aspect. People meet you, they ask your your number. You get some attention from the opposite sex; they ask you for your number. For businessmen and professionals, more than one number is often necessary to maintain proper business communication and interaction.


Free communication was a dream that was pending for long. When mobile phones arrived in India in about 1990, only a very few select people could afford such a gadget. The handsets (which weighed about a kilogram) were costly, and the services even costlier. An outgoing call was about 20 rupees a minute and an incoming call about half that cost! Only the richest businessmen and most important officials could afford to use one. It was not before the later 90s’ that market competition arrived for cellular technology and international and national companies joined the race to provide mobile network services.


Today, there are more than 20 different major mobile connection service providers in India. These companies are in constant competition to capture a greater market, and business is booming. Mobile handsets are available in thousands of models, and the prices are quite affordable for even people of limited means. Network connection costs are as low as possible with a huge number of offers and discounts being offered by companies to try overstep their competitors and get more customers. Even online websites have opened new doors to the market by offering free bulk messaging services and great facilities.


With most of the population of India being not so fluent with English writing, these companies have capitalized more on the fact that regional language SMSs have a huge market calling. People are more confident and comfortable in communicating in their mother tongue, but most mobiles do not allow vernacular texts. This is where these Internet service providers capitalize, because typing in the regional language is easier on a virtual keyboard than on a phone’s keypad. Since all vernacular languages have special symbols and alphabet characters, people find it much easier to use a website. So if you need to do bulk messaging in a regional language, or send free SMS, Indian entrepreneurs have made sure the services are easy to find and affordable.


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