Selecting the Right Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

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When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are nearly endless varieties of light fixtures available. These products provide an improved level of safety and security to any home. Also, outdoor post lighting and other options can highlight your architecture and landscaping after dark. The best part is that they come in tons of options and finishes, so you can choose the one that fits your style perfectly.

Type of Power and Performance

Outdoor lights come in dusk-to-dawn, floodlights, and solar motion lights, meaning you can find something that suits your specific needs. Hardwired lights are connected to the wiring of your house and may need a professional to install safely. Plug-in lights are attached to an extension cord or power outlet, but also includes an exposed cord that needs to be concealed. Solar-powered lighting uses the sun’s light to operate.

Wall Lights

A wall light is a popular option that works on nearly any surface to provide a low ambient glow. This is an exceptional way to eliminate shadows on pathways, stairwells, and walkways on the property. This lessens the chance of an accident such as tripping and falling while walking outside. This type of light uses a low-wattage bulb and only lights up a small area at a time.

Outdoor Post Lighting

A post light is mounted on a railing, post, or pole to offer many different placement options. This can be an advantage because these lights direct light to areas away from the house, but without the large light associated with floodlights. It’s important to choose the right post height as this determines where it will be placed and how it will best function. We recommend short posts for pathways or landscaping needs and taller posts for driveways or large yards.

Pendant Lights

Pendant light and ceiling-mount fixtures shine their light from above and are commonly used to add light in gazebos, covered porches, and entryways. This type of light can also be used indoors as a way to draw attention to a dining or seating area. The one thing to be aware of when installing these lights is that they should be placed where they will not be hit by people, doors, or the wall.

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