Selecting The Right Attorney On Long Island, NY To Represent You


Your preferred Attorney on Long Island, NY will offer you legal services in several areas of law to accommodate your needs. These areas include divorce, criminal, and personal injury law. With adequate counsel, you may represent the facts within your given case and allow the law to work in your favor. It is possible for your attorney to build a case in these areas of law based upon the circumstances that surround it.

Divorce and Family Law

You will need an attorney to see you through divorce proceedings. These proceedings are often stressful for all parties involved and may present additional hindrances within your life. It is necessary for you to explain all circumstances related to your desire to acquire a divorce. This information will allow your attorney to assist you in getting your spouse to cooperate and agree to the stated terms of the divorce.

Criminal Proceedings

In criminal proceedings, it is necessary to hire an effective attorney that can fight against the odds and have your charges dropped. This area of law encompasses an immeasurable amount of probable cases which could include anything from assault to domestic violence. Your attorney will review the circumstances of your charges to enable you to tell your side of the story to a jury of your peers.

Personal Injury Law

In personal injury law, an attorney fights for compensation owed to an individual who was injured through several probable occurrences. If you were injured due to the actions of others, you should speak to an attorney to file a lawsuit to receive this compensation. You may discuss your case with an attorney of your choice at any time regarding your claim and determine whether you have a viable lawsuit against the opposing party.

Law Office of Robert J. Del Col

The Law Office of Robert J. Del Col offers legal representation with several areas of law. These areas include divorce, criminal, and personal injury. If you require legal representation, you may call this law office to schedule a consultation. An attorney will review your case and advise you in the most effectively course of action.

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