Selecting the best workers compensation attorney


If there is an injury in the workplace, an attorney in Rockford IL will be called upon to represent the injured party, the employer of the individual who was injured or the employer’s insurance company. In selecting the best attorney there are a number of factors that must be taken into account, such as which of the three possible parties does the attorney most frequently represent, the experience and the method employed in handling the fees. It is also important to know how the attorney is thought of within the legal community and how you relate when you first meet the attorney.

It is quite important that the attorney you hire is typically involved in representing the injured party, the employer or the insurance company. Rarely will you find an attorney that represents both the injured party and employers but it is not uncommon to find a worker’s compensation attorney in Rockford, IL that represents employers and insurance companies.

It is important that a potential client knows in advance how the lawyer expects to be paid. Do not hesitate to ask the attorney for a copy of the firm’s retainer agreement. Most attorneys are quite happy to go through the agreement with you and answer any questions. Generally speaking there are rules that regulate the amount of compensation the attorney can get in the event the case is successful.

As workers compensation cases can become quite complicated, selecting an attorney with considerable experience in the field is quite important. Ask the attorney what the success rate is, how many cases have they pled on behalf of a client and how many of them were successful. Often, the best way to get introduced to a good worker’s comp attorney is to ask the lawyer that you commonly use for general transactions such as property purchases, etc. In many cases lawyers are quite familiar with each other.

As you will be spending considerable time with your attorney, it is important that you get along well, and have what appears to be good rapport. During your initial conversation with a potential attorney, pay attention to how the attorney presents himself or herself. If they appear to be genuinely interested in your case and answer all your questions, then you have found a good legal representative to pursue your case.