Seeing a Dentist in Central West End for the First Time


To help your effort in maintaining good dental health, it’s advisable to see a Dentist in Central West End for needed treatments and regular check-ups. If you will be seeing a new dentist, learn what to expect so your visit will be more productive and less stressful.

Every dentist has his own protocol for dental visits. However, most have the same basic components. A visit to a new Dentist in Central West End will usually involve a more comprehensive examination than subsequent visits. Many dental practices give new patients literature detailing how an initial visit will be conducted. Carefully read this information to better understand what will happen.

During an initial visit, a dentist will conduct a consultation and examination. The consultation usually takes place right before the examination. However, some dentists will ask their patients questions as the examination proceeds. This conversation includes the patient telling the dentist about her fears and expectations. A dentist may be able to alter his treatment plan to accommodate a patient.

A dentist will check the mouth and areas surrounding the mouth for signs of disease. Swelling, redness, and other abnormalities are indicative of a problem. The dentist will view the head, neck, salivary glands, lymph nodes, and temporomandibular (jaw) joint. The patient will be asked to open his mouth all the way and move his lower jaw from side to side to test the jaw joint.

A health care practitioner like Dr. Eric J Aubert at Forest Park Dental will assess a patient’s mouth for signs of disease. Bleeding, lumps, and swellings will be checked out to find their origins. This dentist will perform a clinical examination of the patient’s teeth to see if they are healthy. He will also look for bite irregularities and bone decay.

X-rays may be ordered to better view the internal parts of the mouth. If there is a serious problem, the dentist may refer the patient to a specialist. It’s important to remember that open, honest communication is the key to getting the dental care you need. Seeing a professional like Dentist Eric J Aubert at Forest Park Dental will enable you to have a smile you love.