When most people think of dental care, they tend to focus more on the health of the teeth. While your tooth health is extremely important, your gum health is equally so. Without healthy gums, your teeth will not be healthy. Your gum tissue provides nutrients to your teeth, helping them to stay healthy and strong. Unfortunately, many people experience gum conditions, causing major concerns with the health of their smiles. This is why it is important for you to be able to recognize the signs of gum conditions, so you can be fully prepared to seek treatment from the Dentists Gig Harbor.

What are the Most Common Gum Conditions and Their Symptoms?

Gingivitis is one of the most common gum conditions people face. This gum condition typically starts off so mildly, most people are not even aware they have it, until they see their dentist or the condition becomes more serious. This is why care through the Dentists Gig Harbor is so important. These conditions can be found as early as possible, before they cause major dental health concerns.

Gingivitis will cause your gum tissue to become red and inflamed. You may feel some irritation and will experience bleeding when you brush your teeth. Even with gentle brushing, your gum tissue will be prone to bleeding. To reverse this condition, the dentist will recommend you improve your oral hygiene habits and use a special mouth rinse, to clear up any bacteria in your gums. If found early and treated, you can fully recover from this condition very quickly.

If gingivitis is allowed to continue, it will eventually lead to periodontal disease. This gum condition is much harder to treat and recover from. Much like gingivitis, periodontal disease also causes massive pockets of infection to develop at the base of the teeth. As these pockets develop, they cause loosening in the teeth, leading to eventual tooth loss. To treat the condition requires massive dental intervention, through antibiotic therapy and surgical procedures to reduce the inflammation in the gums.

They can treat all of your dental concerns, so your smile stays healthy.