Securing Basic Office Insurance for a New Venture


There is no doubt that launching a new business venture is exciting. Even as the first day of operation approaches, it is important to make sure that everything is in order. One key element to not overlook is securing the right type of Business Insurance. Here are some tips on benefits to include, even if the new business is a small operation.

Property Coverage
Make sure that the Business Insurance plan does have provisions for protecting the property held in the name of the company. This includes any real estate, machinery and equipment, and even the desks and chairs used by the employees. In the event that some catastrophic event occurs, the money will be there to replace those assets and get the business up and running again.

Liability Coverage
This type of insurance helps to protect the business from any situations in which someone sustains an injury due to actions of an employee or the products that the company provides. For example, if a customer sustains an injury after sitting in a defective chair that was manufactured by the company, the liability coverage would handle the medical and other costs associated with the event.

Interruption Insurance
This type of coverage helps to cover any expenses that the business may incur when something temporarily interferes with the day to day operation. This means that if a fire destroys the office, the funds from this particular point of the coverage will allow the business owner to secure a new office and also have the money to pay employees while the new office is being set up.

Vehicle Insurance
If vehicles are used in the function of the business operation, they must be insured. Adding this type of coverage to the overall range of protection will mean that if those vehicles are damaged in any type of traffic accident, the funds will be on hand to cover the costs of repairs. Should an employee cause an accident while driving a company vehicle, this part of the plan will also cover the costs of repairing the other vehicles involved. Even a small business owner needs to secure insurance for his or her business. Work with an agent to identify the types of coverage needed and put them in place before the grand opening. Doing so will ensure that the company is protected no matter what comes to pass.

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