Home gutters serve an important function – they guide water away from foundation areas. Improper drainage is arguably the number one cause of foundation problems around the country. With Fairfield County’s frequent heavy rains, properly draining water away from homes can mean the difference between a dry basement and a flooded one. When discussing home improvements, gutters should be at the top of to-do lists. Properly installed and maintained gutters save homeowners money by preventing damage to homes and the improvements around the home.

Older style gutters were routinely available in long sections that were pieced together to fit specific eave areas. The lengths were then riveted or screwed together to form long sections that drained long roof sections. While these systems worked, they frequently leaked or sagged, which defeated their purpose. Home improvement specialists like Double R All Home Improvements (Doublerwindows.com) took note of the problems associated with fastening pieces of gutter together, and determined that seamless gutters in Fairfield County, CT, simply made more sense.

Seamless gutter systems eliminate the problems created by typical riveted gutters. Leaks are eliminated, as are the maintenance issues resulting from those leaks. A single piece is fashioned to fit each eave. The results often look better, eliminate leaks, reduce the potential for sags, and allow for custom systems to better protect the property from water damage.

Gutters installation can be done as a stand-alone project or incorporated with other home improvements. Many homeowners include new gutter systems at the same time a new roof is installed or when siding and trim are updated. Combining improvement projects is simplified when the contractor selected provides all the services needed. Using a single contractor for windows, doors, siding and other upgrades often saves money, as the crew and equipment are already on-site. Discussing the options with a contractor before work starts can result in considerable cost savings.

Installing seamless gutters in Fairfield County, CT, is strongly recommended to protect not only home foundations, but also plantings, decks and other improvements that often represent a considerable investment. Even if other home improvements are not immediately required, seamless gutters should be strongly considered to reduce current or future drainage issues.