Saving Space, Energy, and Eyes: Why the Switch to Flat Panel Monitors Makes Sense

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Most people are aware that flatpanel digital monitors offer better image quality than their CRT monitor counterparts. However, if you own a small business, that fact alone may not be enough of an incentive for you to convert all of your current CRTs to flatpanelmonitors. Fortunately, flatpanelmonitors will give you a fairly rapid return on your investment because they save you both space and energy. Your employees will experience less eyestrain as well, making them more productive overall.

The slim and sleek design of flatpanels means your employees will have 10-20% more available desk space. Because they can utilize more immediate desk space without bulky computer monitors in the way, their productivity is increased. With your current monitors, employees have to physically move to other areas of their desks to do phone business, to handle paperwork, or to meet with you or a potential client. Every time they are required to shift their position, valuable work time is lost. However, once a flatpanel is installed at a workstation, that employee can accomplish everything from one location within their work area. Increased space means increased productivity. Increased productivity will mean increased income. So your flatpanelmonitors will have paid for themselves in a relatively short period of time.

In addition to saving space, flatpanelmonitors save on energy. Flatpanel displays utilize fluorescent lighting as opposed to the electron beams on which CRT monitors rely. This means a 60% energy savings that can translate into a savings of a little over $26/year for each of your monitors. If your business utilizes 15 monitors, this means an energy savings each year of almost $400. In addition, less space for monitors will also eventually turn into less space required overall, which will also reduce your utility costs, and your total overhead.

Finally, flatpanelmonitors are much easier on the eyes as they do not have the “halo” which is so often present with CRT monitors. That halo causes users to continually have to squint and adjust their eyes in order to bring the images on their monitors into focus. Flat panels eliminate this strain. And, although you may not see immediate financial benefit from this advantage of flat panels, your employees will experience less fatigue at their work stations and less fatigue will result in, yet again, greater productivity. Additionally, flat panels, with their contemporary look, will give your office a professional and efficient look as your clients enter, impressing them with your commitment to efficiency and style.


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