Save Money With an Energy Audit Wichita KS

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It is hard to imagine what it must have been like inside homes before insulation was invented. The late 1800s saw the first use of regular insualtion in residential homes, but familes had to wait until nearly 1940 for the effective fiberglass insulation most people are familiar with. The product continues to see new innovations and improvements as it must be able to not just keep families warm, but to do so as inexpensively and safely as possible. Click here for more details.

Some products have nearly ancients roots, but have been proven to be too dangerous to use. Aesbestos is probably the most common product in this category. It is inexpensive, fireproof and also chronically dangerous to human lungs. Logs are suprisingly effective for energy efficiency. But they can be expensive to build and are a design style which only appeals to a portion of the population. So, fiberglass has come along and with it are the advancements in installation, particularly for older homes who have seen their previous blown-in insulation settle. This often leaves entire floors uninsulated and leaking valuable heat, or in the instance of long summers, allowing too much heat inside. If your older home seems drafty, yet you have been unable to find any actual leaks, the air may be seeping through the poorly insulated walls themselves. The best way to know is to have an Energy Audit Wichita KS.

An energy audit will look at your walls, attic and the heating and cooling systems. It will inspect windows, siding and even lighting. All of these products work together to effect your energy costs. By understanding where the loss is, you will be best equipped to fight against it. After an inspection you will be presented with a list of suggested repairs, listed in order of what will benefit you financially the most. NorthStar Comfort Services performs energy audits, they install insulation as well as other energy efficient products and even offer window tinting for vehicles and homes. They work for both commercial and residential customers. You can call them for your own personal audit to find out how you can start saving money while you make your home more comfortable.