Save A Natural Tooth With A Root Canal In Philadelphia, PA


When the root of a tooth gets infected, it can cause severe pain, whether or not an individual is using it to chew. Retaining the natural teeth is the best option for an individual, but the infection needs to be treated. A Root Canal in Philadelphia, PA, can remove the infection, swelling, and pain. The only option to a root canal is to have the natural tooth pulled. Pulling a tooth can cause shifting of the other teeth, an unsightly gap, and future jaw pain and headaches.

Can An Individual Take Antibiotics To Stop An Infection?

Patients can be prescribed antibiotics to reduce the infection, but when it becomes a large infection in the gum tissue, a dentist will have to intervene and begin a Root Canal in Philadelphia, PA. A small opening might be made by a dentist to relieve the pressure in the lump that develops around the roots. This will not cause pain because the dentist will numb the area and make the patient comfortable.

Will The Tooth Receive A New Filling?

When a root canal needs to be performed, it is because of decay in the tooth. Some teeth can be filled, but the preferred treatment by a dentist is to install a cap on the tooth so further decay in the natural tooth doesn’t take place. If an individual currently has a crown, the dentist will drill a tiny hole into it to perform the root canal.

What Is A Crown?

Crowns can restore the function to a tooth that was previously damaged due to injury or decay. It is made of porcelain and will be the same size, shape, and color of the other teeth that surround it. They are painless to have installed and can dramatically improve an individual’s appearance.

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