Safety Tips For Tent Fumigation

Pest Control

When a homeowner has a serious pest problem, Tent Fumigation may be the only solution. Tent fumigation is an excellent method to deal with dry wood termites that have burrowed deep into a building. When termites get deep inside a building, typical surface treatments simply don’t work. The termites will still be present after a surface treatment is used and will just continue to multiply and do damage. Using fumigation with a tent allows pesticides to penetrate deep into a building. Before getting this fumigation technique done, homeowners have to take certain precautions.

Companies such a Bowman Termite and Pest Management LLC take Tent Fumigation safety seriously. Such companies will work with customers to make sure they know all about safety. With that said, it’s still a good idea for homeowners to research safety tips on their own. There are certain things that homeowners need to do that exterminators can’t do for them. For example, it’s up to homeowners to make sure they arrange for appropriate accommodations. It’s recommended that the alternative living arrangements last for at least two days. Pets need to be considered too. Even outdoor pets shouldn’t be left on the premises during fumigation. Fish are even vulnerable.

Humans and pets aren’t the only living things that need to find a safe haven during the fumigation process. All houseplants need to be removed from the home. This includes any bulbs and seeds that might be present. Any plants that are located next to the home should be trimmed in such a way so that they aren’t within two feet of the home while it is undergoing fumigation. Heavy watering should be done prior to the extermination effort.

Food needs to be prepared too. Any food that is in factory-sealed cans, jars, and bottles can be left alone. Other food needs to be placed in special containers that can resist pesticides. This includes foods that are located in the freezer and refrigerator. Once the fumigation process is completed, it’s important to wait for the pest control company to give their permission before entering the home. When permission is granted, the windows and doors of the building should be opened so that the home can get fresh air. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.