Safety Tips for Breaks down on the Highway


When your car breaks down on the highway you want to be certain you are safe while you wait for help to come along. Avoiding break downs is the best way to stay safe with regular car maintenance from transmission repair Clearwater, FL drivers need to tire and brake checks. Here are some safety tips you can follow to ensure you do not cause an accident and remain visible to drivers on the highway.

1. Pull Over: Obviously the first thing you want to do is to pull over. Hopefully you are on a highway with a hard shoulder and you should pull over as far away from traffic as possible. Keep your wheels turned away from traffic to be safe to avoid being pushed into traffic in the off chance you are clipped by passing cars.

2. Look for a Call Box: Some highways provide emergency call boxes and if you can spot one, pull up to it as this will assist road side assistance to find you as the boxes are coded.

3. Turn on your Hazards: Turn on your hazard lights so that cars can spot you both at night and during the day just to be safe.

4. Call for Help: Call for help from inside your car if you have a cell phone. Getting out of the car can be dangerous since you will be stepping out from the drivers’ side. If you have to get out, try to climb over to the passenger side and exit your vehicle from here to be safe.

5. Stick to the side of the road: If you do exit the car stick to the edge of the road and stay as far away from traffic as possible. If you have children or pets with you make sure they are close to you and keep an eye on them so they do not get dangerously close to the road.

There are many unavoidable causes for your car to require roadside assistance from flats to running out of gas and general equipment failure. If you take care to ensure your car is in tip top condition and arrange for the transmission repair Clearwater, FL drivers require as well as to have regularly scheduled maintenance you will be less likely to find yourself stranded at the side of the highway.

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